Aerogarden 2022 Review

AeroGarden Harvest 6-pod model

I received an AeroGarden Harvest 6-pod system for Christmas and was delighted. It’s something I’ve always wanted but honestly did not want to spend money on. So, it was the perfect thing to receive as a gift. Here is my AeroGarden 2022 review.…

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Chinese Money Plant (pilea peperomioides)

Chinese Money Plant Basics

The Chinese Money Plant (pilea peperomioides), a popular easy care house plant got its nickname from its coin-like leaves. Its tolerance for a variety of lighting conditions and minimal care make it a good beginner houseplant. Pilea are known for…

House Plant Tips: Nerve Plant Care

Nerve Plant Care

The nerve plant is a great beginner plant. Nerve plant care couldn’t be simpler. Once you have a handle on the basics, you can prune your plant and propagate clippings for yourself or to give away. Nerve Plant Care…

Agave Flora under a Grow Lite

Grow Lights for Indoor Plants – Top 5

I’ve had a lot of luck with low light house plants, but what if I could grow succulents like string of pearls, or flowering plants like violets or hibiscus indoors? A key ingredient to that experiment will likely be…

House plants set in front of my east facing bay window
House Plants

Best House Plants for Low Light

What are the best house plants for low light? I have one bay window in my house that is plant heaven. Plants love this window. They thrive on the sill. This window is eastern facing and gets a lot…

Overhead view of a potted Pothos house plant
House Plants

Pothos – The Black Thumb’s Dream

Pothos, some people call it “Devil’s Ivy”, is the quintessential houseplant. My aunt was the gardener of our family and filled our houses with plants. I remember her taking cuttings from her pothos and growing new plants in vases…

Christmas cactus plant
House Plants

Best Indoor House Plants

I’ve noticed more and more people are posting pictures of their indoor house plants. Stores l frequent are suddenly carrying macrame plant hangers, and (artificial) succulents! (Don’t even get me started on the nation’s current succulent obsession.) Well, I…