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Nerve Plant Care

House Plant Tips: Nerve Plant Care

The nerve plant is a great beginner plant. Nerve plant care couldn’t be simpler. Once you have a handle on the basics, you can prune your plant and propagate clippings for yourself or to give away. Nerve Plant Care Basics Nerve plants (fittonia) are native to the rain forests of South America where they grow as ground cover. The nerve plant is a low maintenance houseplant with a natural tendency to spread, which makes it an easy and attractive choice…

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House Plants

Best House Plants for Low Light

House plants set in front of my east facing bay window

What are the best house plants for low light? I have one bay window in my house that is plant heaven. Plants love this window. They thrive on the sill. This window is eastern facing and gets a lot of indirect light all day long. However, I realized that a lot of the other surfaces in my house where I can place plants have low light. I found a few indoor plants that are doing well in these corners of…

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